We are an innovative company that works closely with consultants and drone developers all over the world. We institute applications in engineering, emergency services, environmental and research.


We specialize in amphibious drones missions that require soil, sediment and water sampling above and below the waterline. Other variants can include radiation detection and specialized optical data acquisition.

  • Mapping
  • Underwater Drone & Capabilities (ROVs)
  • Inspections
  • Disaster Assessment
  • Outfitting and Sales
  • Environmental Mapping GIS
  • IR, FLIR, NDVI and New Technologies Aerial Video and Photography

UAS and ROV Integration

  • Hire us to be your in-house photogrammetry and drone service company.
  • Great for architectural, engineering & law firms, municipalities, utility companies, and contractors.
  • Ideal for infrastructure support and insurance claims.
  • We can train and equip custom aircraft and gear for your organizational needs.
  • Part 107 training and hands on training at your facilities or ours.
  • Ask about our free seminars.

Event Services

  • Weddings, sporting events, seasonal events
  • Boat, bike, motorcycle, auto and horse racing
  • Private events

Real Estate Support Services & Land/Asset Management

  • Showcase videos and photography (interior and exterior) set with titling, music & effects
  • Enhanced Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) or Annual Site Inspections
  • Interior and exterior structural, fire and storm assessments
  • Supplemental inspections of hard to reach infrastructure (roof systems, towers, antennas, lighting, steeples)
  • Architectural/engineering support and construction progress reports
  • Encroachment issues and mapping
  • Overlays for surveyors and GIS support
  • Soil and erosion studies
  • Drainage studies and in-situ sampling/regulatory monitoring programs
  • Environmental and engineering assessments
  • Wetlands and wildlife management
  • Oil and gas, mining & industrial support – Leak detection, volumetric estimations & planning
  • Mapping services, flooding assessments & FEMA demarcation line submittals (LOMA/LOMC)
  • Infrastructure, marine, offshore & coastal support